【Recipe】Arizona Sunset

Cheer on the weekend with a glass of Arizona Sunset!

 This cranberry-orange combination is the perfect blend of color and taste—reminiscent of Arizona's breathtakingly beautiful sunsets!

THAT! Chill Carafe keeps drinks chilled longer, without the dilution of melted ice. Even in brutally hot summers, it keeps drinks cool and refreshing, without altering the taste.


■ Ingredients
Orange juice   500 ml
Cranberry juice 250 ml
strawberry, sliced
    ■ Instructions
    1. Pre-freeze the chilling stick overnight
    2. Pour the orange juice into THAT! Chill Carafe
    3. Pour the cranberry juice into THAT! Chill Carafe
    4. Put in the sliced strawberry
    5. Place the chilling stick into the carafe to keep contents cold
    6. Voila! Enjoy your chilled Arizona Sunset!