【Recipe】Garlic Butter Spread

 “That thick bar of butter in the fridge never seems to get used up in time. Give it a makeover and turn it into a spread! Just a few simple steps will magically make, a spread you’d adore for safety and taste! Like a passion that flares again—a love that comes awake!”

Thanks 4F Cooking Home for the recipe! 

■Ingredients  (FOR 5-6 PEOPLE)

Unsalted Butter 130g, in room temperature
Fresh Herbs 1 / 2T, any 2-3 kinds of species
2 cloves of Garlic
Salt 1 / 4t
Red paprika (optional) 1 / 4t



1. Place unsalted butter 130g in room temperature until it becomes soft

2. Mix chopped herbs, garlic, and unsalted butter together evenly.

3. Put the mixed butter on bake paper or food wrapper, and wrap it up; shape it into cylindrical. Remember to make it tight and put it in the freezer compartment overnight. After overnight freezing, the flavors will be blended much better!

4. Defrost the frozen garlic herb butter half day before eating; or you can simply use SpreadTHAT! to spread on scone or toast smoothly! Enjoy right away!!