【Recipe】 Grilled Salmon on Creamy Alfredo Sauce

Chef Colin from Man’s Kitchen 1+1: the dish is served!

Mmm… savory, creamy cuisine… you love it so much that even the creamy vanilla chicken fillet can’t hit the spot?

Okay, then! We shall reveal the secret behind his Grilled Salmon on Creamy Alfredo Sauce!

# We thank Colin from Man’s Kitchen 1+1 for providing this recipe.


■Ingredients, Main Dish

1 Salmon fillet
1 shaving of unsalted butter
1 sprinkle of salt
1 sprinkle of black pepper


■Ingredients, Sauce & Garnish 

1 tsp of all-purpose flour
150ml of fresh butter
Some milk
1 Lemon
Some curly-leaf parsley
Some tamarind
2 sprig of thyme



  1. Take out the frozen salmon and thaw on the Thaw THAT! Modern defrosting board
  2. Once the creamy vanilla boneless chicken is done, just wipe off the pan and move on to frying the salmon.
  3. Sprinkle salt evenly onto the salmon.
  4. Heat pan and oil, put on the salmon skin side down to panfry, and cover with lid.
  5. Flip the salmon.
  6. Add the spices and the unsalted butter with SpreadTHAT! and fry to release the aroma.
  7. Sprinkle on some black pepper before removing from pan.
  8. Once the salmon is removed, put in the flour and stir fry.
  9. Add in the fresh butter and milk; stir and cook until everything is thick and pasty
  10. Flavor with salt and black pepper
  11. Place the salmon onto the dish, pour on your white and creamy Alfredo sauce, decorate with sides, and serve!