【Recipe】Natural Detoxifying Hangover Remedy Drink

This is a natural, must-have solution for getting over your hangover! Drink till you drop, and the next morning… still show up! ✊

So you finally get to spend some quality time with your family or friends, but can’t really drink up because you still have to work the next day?

Shhh… here’s a secret, natural recipe for a hangover remedy!


#Grapefruit contains fructose that helps decompose alcohol (ethanol) and can speed its metabolization within your body.

#Kiwi fruit can lower the high blood pressure caused by over drinking and replenish the potassium lost from alcohol-induced urination.

#Coconut water has 5 kinds of electrolytes also found in humans, and can speed metabolism to expel the alcohol in your bloodstream.

#THAT! Chill Carafe is the faithful companion that keeps it all chilled. You’d be half sober just by downing this cool refreshing drink!


Beyond taking in sobering foods and beverages after drinking, take care to drink within your capacity so hangover discomforts won’t affect your performance at work the next day. 💪


Remedies hangovers
Burns fat
Relieves oedema
Resolves constipation
Recovers energy


Grapefruit 1/2
Kiwi fruit 1
Coconut water 2 bottles (330 ml ea.)


1. Cut the grapefruit into slices; peel the kiwi and also cut into slices.
2. Place all the fruit slices into a drink container, then add the coconut water.
3. Seal with tin foil and place in fridge overnight; this gives everything time to meld.
4. Pour into THAT! Chill Carafe and serve. It’ll stay cool for long, long time!