Connecting to the World: Listening to Consumers from Around the Globe

 THAT! 2018 Ambiente Frankfurt, Post Show Repor

This year’s Ambiente Frankfurt brought together buyers from 168 countries around the world.  Official numbers indicate that of the 130 thousand show goers, 81% came from outside Germany and 60% are primary decision makers within their company.  In this, the world’s biggest consumer house-ware extravaganza, THAT! Inventions demonstrated its talents and strengths and dazzled professional kitchenware/living-ware designers, distributors, and brand representatives from around the globe.

In preparation for the show, THAT! brought in its amazing in-house modular light box system—LightTHAT!—to display its 2018 product lineup.  With it, THAT! presented its three core values: design, innovation, and practicality, in ways that more closely touch people’s lives.  For this company, design is about seeing what consumers really need—what frustrates them daily—and improving that experience through design thinking.  To perfect this, THAT! used the show as a way to come face to face with buyers around the world, to get suggestions and feedbacks first hand.  Innovation is the meeting of challenges through trailblazing design, thereby integrating material technology and production processes.  A major new product this year, the THAT! Therma bottle, is a perfect example.  It was brought to life to address issues that currently available thermal bottles still struggle with, like residual taste, tough cleaning, and the need to avoid various acidic/alkaline drinks.  After countless rounds of research, design, testing, sampling and adjustments, THAT! settled on the use of heat resistant glass, enamel inner flask, and non-stick ceramic material to address all of these concerns.  Such is a case of innovation and design resolving user frustration and bestowing convenience to everyday life.


THAT! Innovations staff showing THAT! Therma, its new thermal bottle, to a media representative from Japan’s Zero First Design.


Distributors praised the THAT! 2-in-1 Oven Mitted Apron for its practicality.


The SpreadTHAT! butter knife easily cuts through butter—and closes the distance—for first time visitors, inspiring them with the air of innovation at THAT! Inventions.


The third core value of THAT! Inventions, practicality, was well illustrated through visitor feedback this year.  THAT! wants consumers to be not just amazed, but also profited by improved cooking or dining experiences in a very real way.  Happily, in this year’s Ambiente the THAT! Inventions booth has attracted even more global distributors than last year.  In addition, an abundance of cosmopolitan designers were attracted to its products’ appearances and went in for a look.  After having understood the products’ usage and functionalities, they further showered praise for the cleverness and ingenuity that went into combining all the aesthetic and functional elements.  Some global distributors even brought in their various local partners and personally introduced them to all the products THAT! has to offer!  In the end, it has been a very fruitful 5 days for THAT! Inventions, with partnership commitments as well as great shows of interest from numerous international companies.  This is a sure sign that THAT! Inventions’ direction reflects current consumer trends.

The overseas market has represented 90% of THAT! Inventions’ revenue ever since its founding.  This is a sign of its determination to break limits, continue its ongoing search for common yet still-to-be-met cooking and dining needs, and make its brand a household name globally.  For its future, THAT! will try to better understand commonalities in the innumerable food cultures across the world, listen intently for global consumer needs, and become the lifestyle company that truly gets people’s thoughts and feelings.