Speed-Dating@Ambiente 2017

THAT! is the only invitee from Asia
On February 12, 2017, over 100 global media representatives gathered in Germany, eyes focused on this year’s product innovations, selected from around the world by Ambiente Frankfurt. THAT! Innovations, from Taiwan, was the only Asian invitee to the “Everything that belongs in the household” event, and General Manager Alex Mei took the stage to introduce the company and demonstrated ThawTHAT! Modern, the company’s new generation defrosting tray for the year which is recognized by Solutions 2017.

Leading international brands Kitchen Aid, Joseph Joseph and Fissler were invited together to Speed-
Dating@Ambiente 2017: Everything that belongs in the household.

General Manager Alex Mei started by introducing his company as “an international kitchenware branding company from Taiwan, the land of wonderful cuisine.” He explained to the international media how THAT!, building on its strong foundation in innovative design and material technology, consolidated Taiwan’s manufacturing prowess and designed products around the concept of “temperature and time,” melding high-tech elements into everyone’s kitchen and dining room, and how that work culminated in practical, innovative products that made people say, “Wow! That’s amazing!” This is how THAT! got its name.


In response to great interest from global media, General Manager Alex Mei himself introduces THAT!’s
new product for 2017

Alex Mei further shared with the media how THAT! was founded by industrial designer Hsieh June-Ya, who has won more than a hundred major international design awards, as well as the Taiwan Presidential Innovation Award. Mr. Hsieh spent many years designing all sorts of technological products, during which he found that few people think about applying material technology to kitchenware. Therefore, one day, when he saw a CPU heatsink in a computer factory, he thought about whether the technology could be used for other applications. That is what inspired the ThawTHAT! defrosting tray.

After countless experiments and improvements, this year THAT! introduces its third generation defrosting tray: ThawTHAT! Modern. Building on the original ThawTHAT! defrosting tray, which won both Red Dot and IF international design awards, this unique product enables rapid heat exchange between frozen food and ambient temperature, giving it superb thawing performance. It also pays greater attention to usage features, incorporating a barely perceptible incline that steers melted liquid towards its integrated drip tray, and applying high-performance anodizing surface treatment technology on the board itself for better durability and premium
touch. The ThawTHAT! Modern defrosting tray puts an end to health concern and inconvenience issues associated with traditional room-temperature thawing, as well as to taste altering microwave defrosting. Never again will one need to make last minute menu changes because a certain item was not defrosted, or throw away food because a defrosted item could not be consumed in time.

After his presentation, media sources from France, Germany Italy, Austria and Russia, among others, came to Alex Mei for further questions discussion. They praised THAT! for how it uses innovative technology to bring mankind greater convenience in the kitchen and dining room. They were impressed with how THAT! was able to rapidly generate sales results in more than a dozen countries across Europe, North America and Japan within 2 years since founding, and showed great support for its future.


In addition to ThawTHAT! Modern, new 2017 beverageware products designed around “drinking temperature” were displayed on location: THAT! Chilling Carafe which keeps drinks at their best longer through maintaining beverage temperature. The Deluxe series, which targets top tier consumers, also generated great interest among the international media. DeluxeTHAT! introduces innovative, smart kitchenware, fit and finished with premium craftsmanship, that breaks new territory for the humble everyday houseware.