THAT! Inventions 2017 New Collection Launch

The following scenarios sometimes happen in our everyday life:

  • during indoor or outdoor gatherings, chilled table drinks have nothing but ice to keep them cold. Yet the ice invariably melts in the pitcher, and the drinks get that diluted taste.
  • some people love drinking tea but can never seize the right moments for optimal temperature, often scorching their mouths. Young children and the elderly are especially at risk for chronic burns.

THAT! Inventions, which centers its products around the “sensation of warmth," is known for combining innovative designs, material technology and lifestyle aesthetics. Since founding, it has amazed European and American audiences alike with its series of wildly innovative kitchenware that focus on temperature-time related user design, like the SpreadTHAT! butter knife, ThawTHAT! defrosting tray, and ScoopTHAT! ice cream scoop.  For 2017, THAT! leaps into the vast beverageware market and centers the year’s new product line around maintaining beverage temperature and prolonging optimal taste.  It is hoped that, through these efforts, today’s busy consumers would have better drinking experiences—whatever the drink. 

If you enjoy having parties at home but don’t like the prospect of melted ice ruining the way your special mix tastes, the THAT! Chilling Carafe is for you!  This freeze stick, made by 304 stainless steel, normally just stays in your freezer, where its small size keeps it from getting in the way.  But it goes to work during parties:  just stick it into your pitcher and it’ll keep that drink as cold as it should be—ice free.  It works especially great with white wine, juice, soda or vinegar beverages, and other chilled drinks made to taste. 

Made from food grade borosilicate glass, the THAT! Chilling Carafe goes great with any drink.  Its large opening design makes it easy to fit in fruits and other tasty ingredients, and helps make it easy to clean.  The silicone cap is designed such that it makes the Carafe easy to pour and, being removable, is also easy to clean.  The included glass pitcher cap serves double-duty as a glass.  The pitcher itself comes in two available sizes: 750ml and 1000ml.


Outside of keeping things hot and keeping things cold, has it ever occurred to you that making things less hot is also part of an idea drinking experience?  The THAT! Coolstick can cool boiling hot tea to drinking temperatures in just a few minutes.


It comes with its own tea infuser, which closes magnetically and can enclose flowers, herbs and tea leaves.  The ultra-simple design enables the tea stick and infuser to complement each other perfectly.  The tea stick is made from 304 stainless steel, the magnetic infuser from food-grade 430 stainless steel, and they are both tough and durable.  The PP heat insulated handle makes the tea stick easy to wield, and easy to hang dry or store. The exclusive silicone tea stick stand may be used for placing tea bags or tea leaves, as needed, to avoid bitterness from prolonged infusing.  The tea stick may be used independently in other applications, such as in boiling hot soup, for the safety of children and the elderly.  New 2017 products from THAT! Inventions should be available in retail stores across the globe, simultaneously, this Spring.

Thrice Through Evolution, Just for Perfection

ThawTHAT!, proud recipient of both Red Dot and IF international design awards, is a unique, innovative defrosting tray made from a high thermal conductivity aluminum alloy.  It is the world’s only thawing plate with embedded high efficiency heat piping, enabling quick heat exchange between frozen food and the surrounding room.  Now, after countless experimented improvements, THAT! Inventions unveils its third generation thawing plate, the ThawTHAT!!Modern, at the Ambiante in Frankfurt.  In addition to providing superb thawing prowess, it pays great attention to the details of real-world usage: a barely noticeable slant guides melted blood to the integrated collection channel; the plate surface meticulously treated with high-spec anodizing technology for improved durability, anti-oxidation, and texturing.  There are also anti-skid side padding strips that protect the table and secure the plate in its place.

The plate requires no electricity and no  soaked in water beforehand and use directly.  If a large amount of food requires defrosting, just rinse with cold water after a few thaws and it’ll quickly regain its thawing ability.  Arrival of the ThawTHAT! thawing plate puts an end to the health concern and inconvenience issues associated with traditional room-temperature thawing, as well as to taste ruining microwave defrosting.  Never again will one need to make a last minute menu change because someone forgot to defrost something, or throw away food because something defrosted could not be eaten in time.


Saluting Great Cuisine with the Ultimate in Artistry and Grace

As THAT! grew in renown across the globe, it introduced a line of high-end merchandise that combines ultra-precision craftsmanship, cross-industry materials, and next generation manufacturing technology: the Deluxe Series.  The subtle, elegant universal design caters to top tier consumers around the world, those looking for unsurpassed beauty and the ultimate in lifestyle sophistication.  The Deluxe Series makes its full debut at Ambiante 2017, in Frankfurt.

The crowd gasps in amazement as it witnesses SpreadTHAT! cut through ice.  Such is the power of this butter knife.  Building on this foundation, the SpreadTHAT!Deluxe boasts black DLC coating, mirror polished into gem grade perfection and sublime luster.  With diamond-like hardness accompanying its non-toxic, environmental friendly, durable and easy to clean qualities, one may set one’s mind at ease no matter the food it touches.  This is the créme de la créme of butter knives, forged by professionalism that goes beyond, and a manifestation of the ultimate in kitchenware artistry.  Without doubt, it will be the new milestone in kitchenware history.



THAT!’s initial claim to fame, the ThawTHAT! defrosting tray that received recognition through winning prestigious awards from the likes of Reddot and iF Design, maintains its combination of unique structural design, high-tech materials, and superb, long-lasting thawing power.  To that, the ThawTHAT!Deluxe adds a widely popular wood grain motif, dyed through advanced anodization techniques, flawlessly infusing natural beauty to the cold, hard thawing plate and providing more warmth and life than ever before.

ScoopTHAT!, which won GIA’s top award, Best Product Design, at the 2015 International Home + Housewares Show and the Red Dot Award for Product Design in 2016, does not depend on electricity.  Instead, it uses heat conducting phase change material stored inside the scoop’s handle, and its special physical design, to transfer heat to the scoop head, easily scooping cold, hard ice cream.

ScoopTHAT!Deluxe is made using ultra precision CNC cutting technology and brand new manufacturing processes, for a perfect scoop free of the ice cream pits and scars that plague conventional scoops.   It also features anodized surface treatment that not only enhances scratch resistance, but also adds to its exquisite elegance.

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