ThawTHAT! Deluxe Wins Spain’s Best Gift of the Year Award for Kitchen Accessories!

 We’re pleased to announce that ThawTHAT! Deluxe, our innovative, best-selling defrosting tray, has been named Gift of the Year! Pairing its unique, high performance design to a stylish fusion of cold hard metal and soft, warm wood grains, ThawTHAT! Deluxe is the one defrosting board that offers extreme practicality and exquisite beauty. Regalo Fama recently awarded it the Best Gift of the Year Award for Kitchen Accessories at the International Gift & Decoration Fair, and the award ceremony is set to take place on September 22, 2017, at the Intergift Show in Spain!

People often ask us: How have you come this far? How did it all start? Well, it all started with a simple musing: Can we possibly take CPU heatsink and thermal conductor technology, both common techs in the computer industry, out of the computer realm and make them useful in everyday living? This is the idea that inspired us to develop the ThawTHAT! defrosting tray—and THAT! the company.

Ever since then, the team at THAT! worked hard to provide innovative, convenient solutions for your kitchen, dining room, and life. With its design roots and perspective, it scrutinizes consumer needs for anything that needs simplifying. Then, combining material technology with lifestyle aesthetics, it creates products that embody great design, advanced technology, and everyday practicality—for solutions that’ll appeal to your senses and ease the hustle and bustle of contemporary living. The result? When most people face our avant-garde designs for the very first time, they can’t help but exclaim, “Wow! That’s amazing!” THAT! is now the proud holder of major international design awards, including Red-Dot and iF, GIA, and Good Design. Furthermore, its innovative products are quickly selling across Europe, America, and Japan, as well as in more than a dozen countries around the world.

As THAT! grew in renown across the globe, it introduced a line of high-end merchandises that combines ultra-precision craftsmanship, innovative materials, and next generation manufacturing technology: The Deluxe Series. The subtly elegant, futuristic yet classy designs cater to top tier consumers around the world—those looking for unsurpassed beauty and the ultimate in lifestyle sophistication.

To go above and beyond superb thawing prowess, the team behind ThawTHAT! Deluxe paid meticulous attention to details of real-world use. Now a barely noticeable slant would guide melted liquid to its integrated collection channel, and the plate surface would come meticulously treated with high-spec anodizing technology for improved durability, anti-oxidation, and texturing. There are also anti-skid side padding strips that protect the table and secure the plate in place. What doesn’t change is that the deluxe plate requires no electricity or pre-soaking, and can be used directly. If a large amount of food requires defrosting, just rinse it with cold water after a few thaws and it’ll quickly regain its thawing ability. The ThawTHAT! defrosting plate puts an end to the health concerns and inconveniences associated with traditional room-temperature thawing, and to ruined tastes associated with microwave defrosting. Never again will last minute menu changes be necessary because someone forgot to defrost something, and food will no longer be thrown away just because something defrosted yesterday could not be eaten in time.

ThawTHAT! Deluxe’s exquisite design, the result of uncompromising professionalism and dedication, represents the ultimate in kitchenware aesthetics and craftsmanship. Presented in its own special gift box and bag, ThawTHAT! Deluxe is the premier gifting choice for reflecting your refined lifestyle tastes.

We’d be pleased to have you visit during the show and experience ThawTHAT! Deluxe in person! We will be at Booth 7C14 throughout, from September 20 to 24, 2017.