With years of experience at major foreign brands and companies, Mr. Mei spent long periods posted abroad, leading entire business groups, being General Manager of entire zones, promoting brands across continents and managing sales in multiple countries. Intimately familiar with cross border culture and the working life, he is able to lead multinational groups, communicate effectively, and manage all the diversity. He also boasts a wealth of hands-on experience with distribution channels for international brands. Mr. Mei has a diversified education spanning engineering, business, and management. He also holds an MBA in which he majored in high tech sales and technology product management.

Taiwan’s Godfather of Industrial Design, with over a hundred major international awards under his belt. He has won all four of the world’s most distinguishing, most recognized industrial design awards, including Germany’s Red Dot and iF, the USA’s IDEA, and Japan’s G-Mark. He even won the German Design Award, the national design award of Germany, recognized throughout the design industry as the Grand Slam of all design awards. What’s more, 9 of the above are top place Golds! In terms of major international design events, he is the most award winning ethnic Chinese designer in the world, and has single handedly changed the status of ethnic Chinese designers on the world stage.

The co-founder of THAT! Inventions, Mr. Chien gained his experience in the consumer electronics industry and the design service industry, serving markets domestic and abroad. A highly experienced designer, he helped a great many people as a brand and service consultant. His specialty is in brand and design strategy, design management, service design, and design thinking consulting. In 2010 he innovated the Design 4.0 concept, which promotes the melding of design thinking into corporate management strategies, creating new opportunities for brands through innovative processes guided by actual needs.